Hello World! Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is the first program written in any programming book. This is no programming but still I feel a compelling need to say Hello World! I've started this blog on blogger because I never had an active blog on blogger services. I'm not new to blogging but new to blogger services. I've been doing search optimization for long and so there is an unavoidable keyword stuffing that I do on whatever I write. Including my exams nowadays. Its an easy way yo fill your exam paper.I've been using wordpress as my blogging platform for long and its a great software in all ways.

What is this blog all about? I've been doing niche blogging on SEO and stuff like that but never had a blog for myself to express myself. A blog speaks a lot about anyone, includes me. Its a personal brand strategy in professional language. Now am I here for branding myself on Internet, Yes its not the only purpose of this blog but a great deal of knowledge sharing could also happen. I also want to have a qualified set of visitors to my blog and that is a part of the marketing strategy during blogging.

What do I mean by sharing? Have you heard of this parable? "Human knowledge belongs to the world". I believe it. Are we born with all knowledge we have. It is what we took from this world in a lot of ways. This idea has taken me to the "Open" world of softwares. The Open Source development and the business model had made a lot of difference in the software marketplace.