nokia e63 reviewed Monday, November 30, 2009

Nokia e63 review
This is my blog post after a long while, also this post comes from my new nokia e63. I bought this after I reviewed lot of mobile phones. First of all, I have an aversion for touch phones because it gets finger print all over the screen and its not accurate while I message while walking. I tried a few touch phones. So I settled for a qwerty phone. It is an entry level smart phone that is from nokia in an attempt to get a share of enterprise mobile market. I'm not a heavy user of camera also, this 2MP would do fine for me. Also, I needed wifi for internet access from home. One more advantage is that e63 has a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it compatible with all speakers at home. But why not nokia e71. it has 3.5G which has not arrived in India. 3.2MP which is not of use for me. It's got a metal body which is .3mm less thicker than nokia e63 and it hardly makes a difference. Most of all nokia e71. Comes with an additional 6000INR, why would I pay for little features that hardly matter. E63 has everything same as nokia e71 except the above mentioned ones. There's one more in the same range blackberry curve 8520 unlocked. It has everything that e63 has but no 3g and additional 4k. Nokia e63 a purchase worth the money. Dedicated music keys are missing. Symbian os makes life all easy with lot of softwares already available.

Many mobile operating systems around? Friday, July 31, 2009

Mac os x modified for iphone, android, nokia's open source os, mobilin, limo. And now the chrome os, i wonder why google would make it a new os rather than Android on net books. When there are many choices around it is a healthy environment for vendors due to competition but it leaves customers wonder what to choose.

Eminem Relapse 2009 Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eminem Relapse is Marshall Mather's recent Rap album produced by Dr. Dre. Emimen is no stranger to being on top music. Sold 650,000 in first week, its big hit this year. Relapse is Marshall's reflection on his recent past four years, a skit in this album where emimen says about where he had gone in the last years and his drug problems, addiction and a song following it.

One reason why relapse is a hit is that, he's got a story to tell. His own story which adds a human touch to the album, unlike other staged music albums listening to this one feels like Eminem. I like the Beautiful song. Never let anyone say you aint beautiful is the message, where how being a celebrity feels like and how he wants to be a normal person is spoken about. Its my favourite one too.

Rap has a lot of critics and controversy, but it continues to grow in popularity. Young souls like it a lot.

How Google detects invalid clicks Monday, June 22, 2009

If you had landed on this page venturing how google detects invalid clicks, you are at the right place. The mechanism Google uses is as good and efficient as its search and its well mature at this point of time I would say. Because a lot of people tried to make more money by cheating Google, they took all this input to formulate their secret formula to detect invalid clicks. Adsense is one program which earns google a lot of revenue. Here are some things that I think they would take into account to detect invalid clicks. If you are a web master or a user of Google analytics, you'll know this better.

IP Address - If you are connected to Internet you are assigned an individual ip address and if you've noticed carefully and most consumer Internet connections are assigned dynamic ip address and each time you connect to the Internet you have a different ip address based on a scheduling by your isp. If Google can track you by ip address one might think why not disconnect and connect again to get a different ip address. Clever boy! but never forget, its the same isp and you are given ip within a range allotted to your isp. No matter how many times you disconnect and connect to the Internet you will remain in the same range which lets google know that the click is coming from the same range. Now they raise their eye brows and the following factors will let them detect that it is the same user.

Cookies - If you enter any web site with Google ads, they put a cookie into your browser and if it expires only after a year or so. Unless you delete it, its got an unique identifier to identify when was the cookie planted and that's how they identify you uniquely. Repeated clicks from the user having same cookie is just the most dumb way of getting caught. If you delete the cookie from browse each time before browsing, Google knows the click is coming from a new user all the time, when it detects invalid clicks. Got it? There is no way to cheat Google, unless you are a Internet expert or junkie who cheated for a long time, or possibly got caught many times.

Click Patterns - When one does click on own ads, they tend to click only theirs not other ads or not on other sites. which is a really different behaviour from ordinary. When one intends to make invalid clicks they click and try to run away from the site. Moving on to click on another ad. This behaviour could be tracked. Google knows how much of time a genuine visitor spends on a target site linked from ad. Technically this is called bounce rate.

CTR - Google has the statistics of how much CTR does a visitor from search engine would produce.

CTR from Google side - A well performing ad will have good CTR. If one tries to cheat Google, its for sure they might click a non performing ads in a row. which alerts them.

Mac addr - This is the hardware address of your Ethernet card. I'm sure packets flowing a network use this for a lot of purposes including authentication to enter a network in case of corporations. In other case, it may not be the case, stuff like dial up does not have a Ethernet mac address.

Traffic sources - If a site is new or a site penalized by google for illegal content, it probably does not have traffic from search results. When such sites have high traffic, this is something that they might count on.

Location Geo Tracking - With your ip address, Google can target ads to a particular city or even a small town. The same is used to detect invalid clicks. They can easily know where you are located. Its also easy to use proxy site, unfortunately proxy sites are a outdated way of making such invalid clicks, one could easily get caught. The next dumb way of getting caught is using proxy. They have a list of all proxy servers across the world. I need not give a reason for you to believe that.

There are a lot of other factors that Google knows about a particular user like

  1. Network speed and latency
  2. Your screen resolution
  3. Google user's web history
  4. Surfing patterns
  5. A site's user patterns
  6. Points where one user clicks on screen
  7. Points on site where a normal user clicks

Possibly a hybrid artificial intelligence algorithm learning and predicting about users and traffic behaviour on web. We'll never know it. We'll never know if Google uses it for invalid click detection or not. It is impossible to cheat Google's systems. Also, any violation of adsense TOS will also be detected easily.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions about the subject.

Personal Brand - Strategy on Search Engines Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm sure anyone using the Internet must have done a search for their name on Google or any search. Not only you, some of your friends and potential employers might also have done the same. May be you did not know it. But if you do not show up on Google, you don't exist, you could lose a business deal or you may turn off your friend. May be that is why I write this post on how to optimize search results for your name as a query. Check this out, Google for nivash kumar, 9/10 results are pages that I've created for myself (as on 12th June). Here are ten steps that I would suggest to build your personal brand.

10. Buy a domain name which is exactly your name - If its already used, get a closer one which contains your full name and create few pages, to include information about you, display your portfolio or write your missions statement, who you are. Set up a blog at
follow the step 9 also in setting up the same. This could be your best personal brand strategy.

9. Create your own blog - Have a title which is more unique or that suits you. Like what I have is "curious mind" and put your name in the blog's title. This is very important for search engines to pick up. If you have a popular nick name, include that also in your blog's title.

8. Linkedin Profile - is world's top social network for professionals. You just need a free account for displaying your profile. I found linkedin very well organized for a personal profile.

7. Twitter profile - If' you've read this post till this, you must be having a twitter account and create an account with your own name. Like what I did, my public twitter page is , you can be certain that this page will show up on top ten results of a search for your name on Google, so on other searches also. If you are accessing twitter from desktop clients or mobile, both and will be created and may turn up on search results.

8. Create your Google Profile - This can be your profile across all google services like Google groups and so on. This could also be made public for search engines to pick up.

7. Facebook profile - Make your facebook profile public so that it is visible to search engines. Facebook has got a good page rank, so is likely to hit the top ten search results of your name.

6. - You can also add one more result to top ten of your name by creating a profile at and making it public.

5. Online forums - Fill the page for your profile with relevant information on any online forum that you use. Make sure you link the pages you created above with it. At least two of the pages created above.

4. Do comment on popluar blogs with your name - This will also get listed on search results, include your blog url for the web site in the comment form.

3. Join a wiki site like where you will get a user page and this is yet another page for yourself on search results. Note: Trying this on wikipedia does not work because the user pages of wikipedia are not indexed by search engines. Possibly due to the high page rank of wikipedia not to be taken advantage by spammers.

2. Most importantly, if you are filling a form of your profile on a site mentioned above link your other pages with it. E.g link your web site and blog on linkedin profile and xing profile.

1. Get Creative. This is where its open ended. You can try a lot of options, there are plenty of sites on the Internet. Include important information like your photograph, location and stuff that can identify you uniquely.

By doing the steps above, you are almost certain that 2 or 3 pages of what show above will turn up on the search results on a search for your name. If your name is more unique, then possibly all the pages will show up on search results like what happened for me.

I found a new site recently called which is effective to look up people on web. It is a vertical search for people I would say.

Also read Personal Branding Blog, by Dan

Twitter - Adding followers of a person to your friends list and follow all of them Friday, June 5, 2009

I've been playing around with one of Twitter API implemetation Twitter4j which is awesome and I could do a lot of things with it. Here is one of my implementation to automate adding friends to yourself with a Java program. Make sure you have twitter4j in your build path before trying this program.

Here is how it works,
1. Select a twitter user
2. Fetch the list of his followers
3. Add them as your friends
4. Follow all of them

Java source

package com.twittervis.core;
import java.util.List;
class GetFollowers {
public static void main(String[] args) {

//Create twitter object with user name
Twitter twitter = new Twitter("your-twitter-user-name", "password");
try {
//Get the list of the person wh
ose friends you want to add as your friend
List friends = twitter.getFollowers("selected-twitter-user");

for (int j = 0; j &gt friends.size();j++){
//convert twitter user id from int to String
String myString = Integer.toString(friends.get(j).getId());
//make each user of the list as your friend
//true is to follow the person, else only he is made friend
twitter.createFriendship(myString, true);
} catch (Exception e) {

Now, This program adds the followers of a particular user as your friends, and you'll be following them. I'm working on creating mashups with Twitter + Google App Engine(GAE)

Twitter SMS updates in India Friday, May 29, 2009

If you've tried to turn device updates in Twitter and if you are in India, you must have seen it does not work. I've worked around a way to do this. Its simple

+ Google SMS channels = Twitter updates
on Mobile

Here is how it works.

Goto the a particular twitter user's home mine is

You can click on the RSS feed button to get its URL address, as seen below

Subscribe to the person's updates, you will get a feed page as below

goto the address bar of this page and copy its URL. It looks something like this

Now visit Google SMS channels, from Google Labs, India
login with your google account

Click the link on the right side create your own channel

Fill in the form and select RSS/Atom feed and paste the URL of the feed

Now setup your mobile device in settings of sms channels with your mobile number.

Now you can receive updates from twitter on mobile.

A day at Mahathma Gandhi Ashram Sunday, May 24, 2009

Every year, my parents sponsor lunch to children at Mahatma Gandhi ashram, Anaimalai, on my birthday. I'm doing it from this year. This year I'm at home, decided to visit the place. It is clearly not a place of luxury, small buildings scattered all over the campus. It is a home for needy which includes orphaned children and elder citizens orphaned. The personnel called me this morning to wish for my birthday and asked me if I'm able to come and how many people will accompany me. The place is few kilometers outside a village, remained very silent and a windy place. The staff also told me that the children had gone for a vacation this summer and 15 people reside at this point of time. I found some children with a green khadi dress around that place. Just after I introduced myself to the serving people at reception. There was a guy who is second grade saying vanakkam(wishes). I was at the reception watching this place and this guy. His shirt was torn a little.

I saw this guy having a comb and trying to comb his hair for ten minutes, then i called him to speak. He introduced himself as Vivek and told where and how he is studying. I wanted to know his story of his life and how he was orphaned. Asked if he is the only child. He said he had a brother who is fourth grade also in the same place. then I asked your father? He replied, his dad had a fight with his mom and left her. his mom is in a village a little far away from there, may be because of poverty these brothers landed in here. How sad it is for a living father and mother to orphan their children.

It was 12 noon and there was a child who rang the bell for people to get ready for lunch. There was a dining hall which is an exhibition of mahatma's photographs. In focus was a photo of their God. All these kids and few elders assembled in the dining hall and I was also
there. they started with a prayer which they say for themselves and for the world. Then there was a prayer for having such a good day and thanking God for the food they've got. They also wished me for a prosperous life and thanked for the food. I was asked to serve food to them if I would like to and I served it to all of them. After serving I had my lunch with them. The same food, which is as good as it is at home. They seem to follow Gandhian values and principles.

One of the staff told me that they get sponsors for all days and there is also reserve money to keep it running at all times. Happy to hear there are people who sponsor regularly. I'm quite sure the staff are dedicated and responsible for one reason they've kept it running for over a decade and the process and accounts are transparent. I've decided to continue this for years to come. I'm confident these people will keep up their good work.

I left the place after lunch with the fact that, there are a lot people in need for whom I can offer help.

4 Changes since the last post Monday, May 11, 2009

This post comes into my blog after a long time since I was taking up professional training all this while. The last post of this blog belongs to a time when there was no economic downturn.

1.Economic downturn - All the world is speaking about it and so am I. It is a period of recession and economic falldown all over the world because it all started with Americans borrowing a lot of money from their banks. At this time I was lucky to enter a software company just before things went really wrong. I think I got a job, may be may be not I did. I have to wait to see what will happen.

2.Twitter- whenever I go online to read tech updates and news this site is all around and took the web by storm. No wonder I'm also on twitter today. follow me on twitter

3.Politics - This is a country where only one thing is permanent and that is change. Its a thing that neither a person nor a survey can give an forecast. The debate today is will the largest party or the largest alliance be called by the president to power. Quite obvious largest alliance will only succeed even if the largest party was sworn into power.

4.Life - here I am having almost at the last mile of my undergraduation. Trying to connect the dots in mid-air which is nothing but dreams. I know for sure that the dots connect only backward.