4 Changes since the last post Monday, May 11, 2009

This post comes into my blog after a long time since I was taking up professional training all this while. The last post of this blog belongs to a time when there was no economic downturn.

1.Economic downturn - All the world is speaking about it and so am I. It is a period of recession and economic falldown all over the world because it all started with Americans borrowing a lot of money from their banks. At this time I was lucky to enter a software company just before things went really wrong. I think I got a job, may be may be not I did. I have to wait to see what will happen.

2.Twitter- whenever I go online to read tech updates and news this site is all around and took the web by storm. No wonder I'm also on twitter today. follow me on twitter


3.Politics - This is a country where only one thing is permanent and that is change. Its a thing that neither a person nor a survey can give an forecast. The debate today is will the largest party or the largest alliance be called by the president to power. Quite obvious largest alliance will only succeed even if the largest party was sworn into power.

4.Life - here I am having almost at the last mile of my undergraduation. Trying to connect the dots in mid-air which is nothing but dreams. I know for sure that the dots connect only backward.