Twitter SMS updates in India Friday, May 29, 2009

If you've tried to turn device updates in Twitter and if you are in India, you must have seen it does not work. I've worked around a way to do this. Its simple

+ Google SMS channels = Twitter updates
on Mobile

Here is how it works.

Goto the a particular twitter user's home mine is

You can click on the RSS feed button to get its URL address, as seen below

Subscribe to the person's updates, you will get a feed page as below

goto the address bar of this page and copy its URL. It looks something like this

Now visit Google SMS channels, from Google Labs, India
login with your google account

Click the link on the right side create your own channel

Fill in the form and select RSS/Atom feed and paste the URL of the feed

Now setup your mobile device in settings of sms channels with your mobile number.

Now you can receive updates from twitter on mobile.


Alok said...

i like this post.

neo said...

Nice post. but the tweets are not updated instantly. it takes more than half a day. that defeats the purpose of mobile. are u guys facing the same problem? pls update me..

Nivash Kumar said...

You cannot expect to have it instantly. because Google's method is like time shared sms sending. So more the load on their system, late you will receive the update. Also sms channels do not guarantee on the performance of their system. See its in Google labs, not a end product out of it. Think, I've answered your question.