Adsense and Adbrite Sunday, November 23, 2008

These days I've found almost all of the commercial sites run with Adsense or Adbrite ads blended with their templates, well optimized and probably having good click through rates. Forums also have engaged their users with ads. What really happens is that the site owners are happy that they are making a good amount of money, the other side of it is that having ads that are very relevant means you are giving a link to a competitor who might be better than you eventually losing a valuable or loyal customer. Might be that customer chose to buy a product from your competitor instead of you just because there was a link from you to your competitor. The click on the ad might have earned you at most $2 but because the customer chose not to buy your product you might have incurred a loss of $xxx. The fact also is that you cannot live in an island on the web. One of the possible ways to solve the problem is not to advertise, which is not an option but to place ads in places where it is likely to pickup key words that show ads that do not point to your direct competitors but to point to words relating to your site.

There is also one more thing. Adwords people are not just writing some text on their ad. Carefully chosen and powerful words in their text ads. When your ad blends with your site's template, it looks like a part of your site and so is the reason why a visitor chose to read the text, some ads are really powerful that grabs their attention and keeps them occupied with advertisers site.

Some folks say they are happy with adsense because when their customers look for something and don't find that in their site, ads give them what they wanted. This is just one possibility of what might run in the mind of the visitor.

Around 65 percent of the Internet users never click on their ads, still the Internet advertising industry is making huge profits and growing into an unstoppable force. Take a look at the success stories featured in adsense, these are sites that have something unique for themselves and they have repeat visitors who helped them earn more from the ads.

All of this comes down to make it a point that if your site does not have something unique and prove worthy to a visitor, he has a lot of options to choose from, its right in front in the ads.