Ubuntu Ultimate - Almost Ultimate Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ubuntu Ultimate, its a distro which was my dream, I even thought of creating such a distro myself, this is more than what I wanted to do. The desktop is themed exactly like Windows Vista, but the icons are pretty good. The cursors are also new. Most of all, This edition ships with a large number of pre installed applications including VLC media player, Amarok, OpenOffice, GIMP, Blender, Anjuta for development and also gcc compiler. I like the new dark theme, the new wallpapers within are also cool. I was also able to install google desktop search and screenlets(linux equivalent of google gadgets). You can see it in the picture above

I think it is because of the large number of apps shipped with it. It takes 30seconds to boot as usual. But the login time is more than what is expected in ubuntu probably because its 'bloated' by many apps, not as bad as in Windows still there is a delay in time taken to login. Almost Ultimate. I expect the fixes will make this edition Ultimate.