Eminem Relapse 2009 Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eminem Relapse is Marshall Mather's recent Rap album produced by Dr. Dre. Emimen is no stranger to being on top music. Sold 650,000 in first week, its big hit this year. Relapse is Marshall's reflection on his recent past four years, a skit in this album where emimen says about where he had gone in the last years and his drug problems, addiction and a song following it.

One reason why relapse is a hit is that, he's got a story to tell. His own story which adds a human touch to the album, unlike other staged music albums listening to this one feels like Eminem. I like the Beautiful song. Never let anyone say you aint beautiful is the message, where how being a celebrity feels like and how he wants to be a normal person is spoken about. Its my favourite one too.

Rap has a lot of critics and controversy, but it continues to grow in popularity. Young souls like it a lot.