Reasons why windows sucks! Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I can't stand anymore or go back to windows at any cost. It really sucks. What I intend to do here is consider the accessibility and usability part of windows and why it sucks. I haven't dealt with the copycat part of windows which is to be made a full post like this.

Windows is the biggest scam in the computer world.

I feel windows has contributed to the productivity paradox. It many times remained the cause for the paradox.

This time parasite takes all your time

I'd say the paradox is because of the time you waited for it to boot up or restart after some crash, You must have spent a lot of time watching the windows installer's progress bar to finish installation.

You also might have spent a lot of time on whatever problem that you faced. Lot of them are conflicts. Windows was the real time waster in my business.

Further proof:

Growing bigger and faster

How many times windows updates are automatically installed on your computer. You know it. Do you ever wonder if those updates and upgrades have increased your productivity or did they ever speed up your system in any means?

Truth about updates

The reality is that you waste bandwidth by allowing updates which make no real changes to the OS. By default windows allocates 20% of your Internet bandwidth for automatic upgrades. What if you turn off automatic updates? There are no updates installed but also the bandwidth is also not given back to your normal internet connection. 20% of your Bandwidth is wasted at last.

Wake up People!

Its time to go for a faster computer and a better operating system. Microsoft is making money by selling the latest and greatest operating system.In fact windows does not ship a single useful application with its OS and its the inefficient operating system which makes your computer look like the dumb and slow duck.It's all a part of the scam.

Computer CRASHES are not normal

Believe me, your computer is designed to run for weeks together without crashing and your Intel or AMD processor is just great! Crashing everyday is NOT normal. It is accepted normal because of windows.

How many times did you use windows help and support?

Windows help is pretty useless.What a time waster. How many times did you have had a problem and windows help had an answer? Also I have never solved a problem I had using the Windows Help Troubleshooter.

WinXP help tries to be smarter by taking you to Web but sadly some are broken URLs.

What new features?

Microsoft harps on the new features that they provide with each release. Features that are hardly ever used. I want the computer to remember the last directory I opened and hate opening My Computer and navigating again. This is just one feature that most computer users want. The latest release Windows vista does not even provide it.

Still more there was a feature called spotlight in Mac OS 10 which gives instant access to search files stored on hard disk. Guess what? You must have seen a search bar in the start menu in Vista. After all the big old copy cat has no ideas of its own and including new features from OS X. There are more stuff copied from it. This is the most popular one.

Do you think vista had made life easier? A feature is something that makes the user feel better, not lost in a forest.

Idiotic Behavior

Why does windows blame the user for all the times it had crashed. It also insists checking the hard disk for errors. Meanwhile it also says that the system was not shutdown properly. What a great way to make the user feel something was wrong with their usage.Its not the user's fault that windows crashed. Microsoft take responsibility for its buggy OS.

Windows has a registry

It has such a great thing called registry and its the best and worst part of windows architecture. The best part is it stores all the settings and the worst part is that if your system is infected by a virus you delete something that your anti-virus says. Guess what removing the registry entry makes the system throw an error each time the system starts. It is really annoying if there is something deleted from the registry by mistake.

Busy work

It makes you wait by showing the sand clock most of the time. Windows is busy when you want to get something done. There is no option other than to wait and watch the sand clock disappear. You must have used the search feature in XP which takes all the time of its own to list a few documents.

Viruses are tiny and invisible. They affect the system in big ways. Can you tell me which is the best anti virus? Did you spend a lot of time deciding that? There is no answer. But it depends on the type of virus that infects your system.I'm sure there are millions of viruses out there.

I still wonder how such an OS is in existence. Might be because people did not look at the alternatives.It owes its existence to microsoft's monopoly and marketing strategy.

Its time to look at this page where I mentioned alternatives using free softwares.